Vocational schools in Ethiopia

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In the last two years, the educational system of Ethiopia for high school has changed. The high school final year had moved from grade 10 to grade 12, in previous years students that has not passed to grade 11 had a chance to go directly to technical schools. Now all students will finish grade 12 then they are able to either go to university of technical schools based on their results.

The new curriculum might have advantages for students, so they can have more time to study and mature . But it didn’t include students that might want to go to technical schools directly.

There are many advantages of vocational education including producing skilled manpower, job creation and improving the manpower to focus on specific skills that are demanded by the market.

At Impact in Ethiopia we believe technical education have high impact to individuals that are inclined to do technical works and also to companies that want to hire them.

If you are interested to support Vocational schools in Ethiopia, and would like to link with Ethiopian Institutions we would be glad to work with you. You may reach us by phone at +251 921 333 813, email at girumas@gmail.com, or through our website contact form https://impactinethiopia.com/contact/.

Author: girumas

Girum is a tech blogger

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