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Any significant objective requires teamwork from all parties. Anybody, whether they are individuals, a community, a society, or a government, has to collaborate in order to accomplish important tasks or have a greater impact on their own lives or those of others.

Even though everyone must collaborate in order to succeed in accomplishing a certain objective, different cultures and places have different ideas about what cooperation is, how it should be done, and how it is perceived by the community.

Ethiopians work together on various aspects of their lives, just like everyone else. Nonetheless, there are several cultural factors that have an impact on how people work together. Ethiopians, for instance, have a proverb “ኢትዮጵያዊ አብሮ መብላት እንጂ አብሮ መስራት አይችልም” that reads, “Ethiopians can eat together, but they can’t work together.” This saying illustrates the country’s deep-seated problems with cooperation and partnership. This proverb is more than just a statement; it occasionally applies to daily life. especially in one-on-one business partnerships and transactions. The issue is also evident in the majority of small share-based businesses and partnerships that fail owing to a lack of accountability and trust.

On the other hand, there are other collaborations that were successful in various fields. Ethiopians have traditionally worked together to construct homes, cultivate vast agricultural regions, and plan social events as part of their daily lives. They refer to it as “debo,” which means cooperating. The majority of tasks were repetitive and specialized.

Collaboration with Ethiopians can flourish in today’s corporate environment when clear roles and responsibilities are established, along with appropriate leadership and evaluation. Because of effective central bank guidelines and general government oversight, for instance, collaboration in bank share businesses is stronger.

Recently, Development Bank of Ethiopia provided business training to more than 400 000 people who were working in the manufacturing industry or planned to do so. One of the banks focus was creating a collaboration platform for individuals to invest together on their interest areas. The bank will then give these share companies lease funding while also keeping an eye on the businesses. The approach that the bank is planning to close the trust gap that is hindering the growth in share companies. We’ll have to wait and see how that approach actually resolves the issue, though.

Cooperation in business and investing is inevitable, and in order to have a positive impact, one must be able to work well with others. Working with Ethiopians in a corporate context is not any different from working with people elsewhere; we just need to ensure that the tasks in the relationship are specific and that everyone engaged will gain both social and personal benefits from it.

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Author: girumas

Girum is a tech blogger

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