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When someone in Ethiopia hears the words “investment” or “investor,” they frequently picture a wealthy individual or business that comes in, buys some property, and either begins a significant agricultural operation or an industrial facility. They are partially right; the majority of investors do indeed do so with large sums of money. But they overlook the fact that practically everyone makes investments in some aspect of daily life, even if some of those investments are less obvious than others.

Even though he may not think of himself as an investor, a farmer who gets up in the morning to tend to his farm is investing time and work into it in order to reap the rewards of his labor. Even though he may not think of himself as an investor, a student who studies hard is making an investment in his future.

At impact investing Ethiopia, we view everyone as an investor and promote mindful investment. We are here to alter the way that people see investment in Ethiopia. Everyone has something worthwhile to invest, whether it is information, talent, money, or their time, when we say that everyone is an investor. Our major objective is to unite those investors in order to have a beneficial influence on both themselves and other people.

These might be carried out professionally or casually. Everyone is an investor, as we’ve mentioned before, and the only prerequisite for joining our impact investment group is your willingness.

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Author: girumas

Girum is a tech blogger

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